Narrow Aisles

When the warehouse is designed and stocks goods in such a manner providing for narrow aisles and passages between different rows is a serious issue as it can hinder optimum performance by slowing down operations and being prone to accidents. However, there are solutions to such a problem. Availing specific forklifts capable of moving and operating through narrow passages are effective in reducing accidents and improving stock navigation.

High elevation

Since warehouses stock their goods in rows and series on top of each other, it often requires workers and employees to work in such high elevations without sufficient heightened platforms. The issue can be redressed easily by introducing personal lifts in the warehouse which enable the worker to work at such heightened elevations with comfort. Examples of such personal lifts are scissor lifts and telescoping lifts.

Higher reach

It is often observed that when critical orders come and require retrieval of certain specific stock kept in hard to reach corners of the warehouse, can cause quite an inconvenience especially due to lack of reach. Installing appropriate middle level and high-level order picker can effectively help the operator in the warehouse pick orders out of reach with relative ease.

Labor intensive

Employees are assigned numerous tasks and need to transport stock from one point to another manually, costing a lot of their time. Such valuable time can be saved by integrating automated stock transportation facilities such as motorized carts which only require the employee to load the stock and enhance performance.

Battery change

All the essential machinery such as forklifts and handling machinery will require frequent replacement of batteries to get it up and running again. This can become a headache due to its recurring nature. However, such minor issues can be relieved by replacing traditional lithium-ion batteries with better performance and longer life lead-acid batteries. Although these batteries are a bit more expensive in comparison, they make up such costs in the long run and require very to no maintenance.

Expensive refueling

Every warehouse management is concerned about spending large amounts of money in filling and charging its vehicles. This no longer may be an issue as with the advancements in technology, replacing typical sources with hydrogen can cut down costs and enhance performance significantly.

Leveraging automation

With the rise in automation today, warehouse owners regardless of smooth operations now are worried about not taking advantage of automation technology in warehouses. This is a genuine query, as such owners should. Warehouse owners should integrate smart robots in the warehouse. Such robotics are capable of analyzing the warehouse, identifying flaws and making solutions to redress it. Such technology can help drivers with more precise drop details and even capable of self-driving trucks.



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